Selasa, 24 Februari 2015

Tips Cara Mengatasi Perasaan Lemas Ketika Sedang Hamil

It would be nice to have a fit and healthy body condition during pregnancy. Excellent body condition not only assist in carrying out all activities properly, but also provide a good impact on the development of pregnant women. The desire was only running for a long time and is often accompanied by a feeling weak and lazy during pregnancy. Whether it is because of fetal activity contained in the womb or other factors that triggered from About a neighborhood. Do not drag on with these feelings, because a mother is required to carry out normal activities as usual and not excessive as long as he does not endanger yourself and the baby. By having a healthy and fit body automatically limp feeling lazy and will be reduced gradually. This is what will be a priority in preventing the habit of appearing.During the period mngandung, an ordinary winita mengalam drowsiness, lazy and tired. It is actually common diving pregnancy. Kelelah is common in the first trimester and third dtrimester. There are several methods to keep the spirit and maintain body condition during pregnancy. Among them:Noting Nutrition BodyFolic acid is one of the mandatory supplement highly recommended for consumption by pregnant women. Folic acid is useful to prevent abnormalities in the womb. According to the study only 30% of women who take folic acid of 70% of women who know the function of this supplement.In addition to Folic Acid, a special multivitamin also very important to meet the needs of minerals (iron and calcium) and vitamins in the body of the mother and baby. Whatever type of nutrients that should be consumed by pregnant women of at least contain high folic acid and DHA. Both of these supplements can increase the baby's intelligence branch. Nutrition what is needed to avoid limp and lazy when it contains? To answer this question, I will discuss in detail in the sub secera discussion below.Routines Sports awakeSport is very important to maintain a healthy body in order to stay fit. Olehraga requirement for pregnant women is not as much as the non-pregnant, no weighing of the people who are doing the diet. Moreover, if the olahrag not consulted with a gynecologist and fitness experts will be bad for health. Do light exercise which is not harmful to the mother and baby to avoid peresaan limp and lazy during pregnancy.There are many sports are safe enough to be done by pregnant women. Sports shaped stretching and breathing exercises are the best choice to keep your body to stay healthy and fit. The exercise can be walking, jogging, pregnancy exercise, swimming and other sports that do not require more stamina. Be sure to exercise in a state body that is not too hot, tired, and suffer from other disorders such as abdominal pain, etc. Another benefit of exercise performed in the first trimester of pregnancy is to reduce the risk of preterm.Keeping israhat EnoughResting pretty much needed to pregnant women. One of the habits of pregnant women, doing a lot of activities to support the new life, causing a feeling of being tired. Feeling tired potentially bring laziness and enervation that led to the disruption of activity. If it happens it takes considerable time to maintain the condition of the body to remain satabil. One of the best ways to avoid feeling weak and lazy feeling is to use the time off as possible. The larger branches of the baby, a mother increasingly difficult to find a suitable and comfortable position to sleep.Sleep in a state accompanied by bending sideways lutuk is the best position during pregnancy. In addition to obtaining a comfortable position, the style of the bed also helps the heart work. The blood vessels are suppressed by the fetus easier to circulate blood to the heart. Avoid constipation disease, kontisipasi, and leg swelling.Overcoming Fatigue with Staple Food PregnancyIn urain above I mentioned that having a healthy body ideal and good impact on birth later. One of the factors that influence the formation of a healthy body is to pay attention to nutrition and nutrition of pregnant ibi. Here are some foods that we recommend for consumption:Citrus fruits are very bermanfat to be consumed by pregnant women. The content of volat asm and c viamin can fight fatigue with daily activities. Citrus fruit is very easy to obtain, at affordable prices, sold in some places, until very beneficial for health, it is impossible if one does not want to consume it.Seafood is one of the necessary food during pregnancy. belajar Bahasa Inggris Online These foods contain antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids in the form of food Konsunsimlah this with a limited number because it feared they contain mercury which is harmful to the developing fetus.Bananas may be able to prevent birth defects and reduce body pain. Fruits such as bananas are rich in vitamins neutralizing contained in folic acid.Spinach is a food that has a high content of vitamins, green vegetables are rich in minerals, protein, iron and folic acid which can increase hemoglobin and can resist feeling lazy and tired during pregnancy.Eat red beans, tofu, barley, carrots, radish, pomegranate, seeds and broccoli because these foods rich in folic acid and vitamins are very useful for the health and development of infants branch.